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The Milky Way Over Big Laguna Lake In Mount Laguna

The Milky Way Over Big Laguna Lake In Mount Laguna

The other night I hiked out to a Big Laguna Lake in Mount Laguna. The lake is quite shallow and full of weeds and algae, so I didn't get the glassy reflections of the Milky Way I was hoping for, but I'm still pleased to have found a less-photographed portion of the park. This is a single frame from the timelapse I posted the other day. Shot with a Canon 6D and Sigma 15mm EX DG lens at 35 sec f/2.8 ISO 4000.

In recent years, many photographers have headed up to Mount Laguna (in San Diego County, California), but few seem to photograph the shallow lakes from which the area got its name. "Laguna" is Spanish for "lagoon". There are three lakes up here in Mount Laguna, but one has to hike to them: Big Laguna Lake, Little Laguna Lake (say that ten times really fast), and Water of the Woods lake. Little Laguna lake is often dry, but as of this posting, it has some water in it. These lakes are in Laguna Meadow - where the Kumeyaay once had a summer camp, and through pine and oak forests that provide some welcome summer shade.

Mount Laguna is in The Cleveland National Forest - named after former president Grover Cleveland - and is one of the nation’s earliest forest reserves established under the Forest Reserve Act of 1891.