Salton Sea - Kevin Key Photography - San Diego, California
Milky Way Above Trevor's Meth Lab

Milky Way Above Trevor's Meth Lab

Not really a meth lab (well, I hope not). This abandoned Toro Loco grocery store liquor store, and video rental store was the inspiration for Trevor's meth lab in the video game Grand Theft Auto V. Actually, manly locations around the Salton Sea were the inspiration for the game's fictional community named "Sandy Shores".

It's sad to see this place shut down. Back in 2010 this store was still open and I bought some food while camping nearby at the North Shore.

I shot this at f/2.8 30 sec ISO 3200 using a Canon 6D and Sigma 15mm EX DG.

Lately I've been having fun attempting Milky Way shots under less-than-ideal conditions. Last week, I shot the Milky Way at the old Salton Sea Naval Station and also at Painted Canyon in Mecca - while the moon was at 79%. As for this photo, the orange glow is from a very bright HPS (high-pressure sodium) streetlight to my back. In Photoshop, I had to tone down the highlights a bit and I also had to use the Content Aware feature to remove the shadow from me and my tripod.