Salton Sea - Kevin Key Photography - San Diego, California
Dead Tree At The Salton Sea

Dead Tree At The Salton Sea

Nighttime scene with a dead tree with large birds nests that still stands on the playa on the southeastern shore of the Salton Sea. Tree and playa illuminated by a nearly full moon and the bright orange floodlights at a nearby geothermal power plant.

This area was once under water, but the sea is now rapidly drying up due to changes in water apportionments agreed upon for the Colorado River under the Quantification Settlement Agreement (QSA) of 2003.

The Salton Sea is a shallow, saline, endorheic rift lake located directly on the San Andreas Fault, predominantly in California's Imperial and Coachella valleys.

The lake occupies the lowest elevations of the Salton Sink in the Colorado Desert of Imperial and Riverside Counties in Southern California. Its surface is 236.0 ft (71.9 m) below sea level as of January 2018. The deepest point of the sea is 5 ft (1.5 m) higher than the lowest point of Death Valley. The sea is fed by the New, Whitewater, and Alamo rivers, as well as agricultural runoff, drainage systems, and creeks.